by Vaida Rasciute & Kristina Kairiene



Domus Gaudens is a passionate collaboration by a creative director and a photographer. Vaida and Kristina came to Ireland about a decade ago. Both being originally from Lithuania met here and started their creative journey  in 2015. Since then their works have been featured in numerous magazines, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar. Their individual work has been awarded in Ireland and Internationally. They started working as a Domus Gaudens‘ [happy family’ ‘Domus- home and Gaudens- orgasm’ translated from Latin] in 2021. 


Being away from Lithuania and not rooted in Ireland, they are levitating. They would find biggest inspiration in nature and human relationship with itself and surrounding world. 


They create live installations and then capture the visual story. Very often they use daily life elements, landscape, nature resources and movement to create a painting like fine art photographs. They would very often refer to their inner child, release a wild woman inside them and create by the force of intuition and then unravel the layers of emotional structure of the creation. 

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